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UTECMS - New CMS for News site

火曜日 - 21/12/2010 14:24

UTECMS is a professional system: XUANHIEU.,JSC founded to maintain and improve UTECMS features. XUANHIEU.,JSC co-operated with many professional hosting providers to test compatibility issues.

UTECMS also testing by many experienced webmasters to optimize system features. UTECMS's core team are programming enthusiasts. All of them want to make UTECMS become the best and most popular open source CMS.

UTECMS is a powerful system:
Learn by experiences f-rom UTECMS 2.0, UTECMS build ground up on latest web technologies, allow you easily cre-ate portal, online news express, social network, e commerce system.
UTECMS can process huge amount of data. It was used by many companies, corporation's website with millions of news entries with high traffic.

UTECMS is easy to use system:
UTECMS allow you easily to customize and instantly use without any line of code. As developers, UTECMS help you build your own modules rapidly.

UTECMS features:

Technology bases:
UTECMS using PHP 5 and MySQL 5 as main programming languages. XTemplate and jQuery for use Ajax f-rom system core.
UTECMS is fully validated with xHTML 1.0, CSS 2.1 and compatible with all major browsers.
UTECMS layout website using grid CSS framework like BluePrintCSS for design templates rapidly.

UTECMS has it own core libraries and it is platform independent. You can build your own modules with basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

Module structure:
UTECMS re-construct module structure. All module files packed into a particular folder. It's also define module block and module theme for layout modules in many ways.

UTECMS support modules can be multiply. We called it abstract modules. It help users automatic cre-ate many modules without any line of code f-rom any exists module which support cre-ate abstract modules.

UTECMS support automatic setup modules, blocks, themes f-rom Admin Control Panel. It's also allow you to share your modules by packed it into packets. UTECMS allow grant, deny access or even re-install, de-lete module.

Multi language:
UTECMS support multi languages in 2 types. Multi interface languages and multi database languages. It had features support administrators to build new languages. In UTECMS, admin language, user language, interface language, database language are separate for easily build multi languages systems.

All manage features only access in admin area. UTECMS allow grant access by module and language. It also allow cre-ate user groups and grant access modules by group.

UTECMS support automatic install and uninstall themes. You can easily customize themes in module and module's functions. UTECMS store HTML, CSS code separately f-rom PHP code to help designers rapidly layout website.

Customize website using blocks
A block can be a widget, advertisement pictures or any defined data. You can place block in many positions visually by drag and d-rop or argument it in Admin Control Panel.

UTECMS using security filters to filter data upload.
Logging and control access f-rom many search engine as Google, Yahoo or any search engine.
Anti spam using Captcha, anti flood data...
UTECMS has logging systems to log and track information about client to prevent attack.
UTECMS support automatic up-date to fix security issues or upgrade your website to latest version of UTECMS.

You can backup database and download backup files to restore database to any point you restored your database.

Control errors report
You can configure to display each type of error only one time. System then sent log files about this error to administrator via email.

Support SEO link
Manage and customize website title
Manage meta tag

Support keywords for cre-ate statistic via search engine

Prepared for integrate with third party application
UTECMS has it own user database and many built-in methods to connect with many forum application. PHPBB or VBB can integrate and use with UTECMS by single click.

Distributed login
UTECMS support login by OpenID. Users can login to your website by accounts f-rom popular and well-known provider, such as Google, Yahoo or other OpenID providers. It help your website more accessible and reduce user's time to filling out registration forms.

Download UTECMS: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/downloads/list
Website: http://ute.vn

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Welcome to UTECMS

UTECMS developed by Vietnamese and for Vietnamese. It's the 1st opensource CMS in Vietnam. Next generation of UTECMS, version 3.0 coding ground up. Support newest web technology, include xHTML, CSS 3, XTemplate, jQuery, AJAX... UTECMS's has it own core libraries build in. So, it's doesn't depend...

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