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First open-source company starts operation

火曜日 - 21/12/2010 14:17

The Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company (XUANHIEU.,JSC), the first firm operating in the field of open source in the country, made its debut on February 25.

The Hanoi-based company will further develop and popularise an open source content management system best known as UTECMS in the country.

XUANHIEU Chairman Nguyen Anh Tu said UTECMS is totally free and users can download the product at ute.vn.

UTECMS has been widely used across the country over the past five years. The system, built on PHP-Nuke and MySQL database, enables users to easily post and manage files on the Internet or Intranet.

記事作者: VOVNews/VNA

 キーワード: XUANHIEU, Nguyen Anh Tu
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UTECMS's versioning schemes

UTECMS using 2 versioning schemes: I. By numbers (technical purposes): Structure for numbers is: major.minor.revision 1.Major: Major up-date. Probably not backwards compatible with older version. 2.Minor: Minor change, may introduce new features, but backwards compatibility is mostly retained....

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